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Mammals of India website crosses 200 species pages- 2021/06/17

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Catching and handling of animals: Some photographs published on this website, e.g., of some bats, depict animals in hand. These animals were caught for scientific research after obtaining appropriate research permits from the state forest departments, and were released on the spot largely unharmed. We do not encourage catching or handling of animals without appropriate rigorous training and necessary research permits. Photographers who contribute images to this website of animals in hand or other unnatural conditions, must confirm that they have done so following relevant research permits and/or ethical clearances from competent authorities. The basic ethical code of not harming or unduly disturbing animals while photographing them should also be followed. The editors of Mammals of India website reserve the right to reject images contributed to this website if the photographers appear not to have followed these ethical and/or legal guidelines.

Images of roadkills: We will not be accepting roadkill images for the website. The primary purpose of this website is to display images of live animals and their varied phenotypes as well as natural history information. There are other fora where raodkills images/information are important and would be of conservation relevance. We encourage contributors to upload their roadkill images to these websites. 

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