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Mammalia > Artiodactyla > Bovidae > Naemorhedus

Naemorhedus goral Hardwicke, 1825 – Himalayan Brown Goral

Taxonomic Notes:

The genus name is sometimes spelled Naemorhaedus, Nemorhedus, Nemorrhaedus, Nemorrhedus or Nemorhaedus but the original spelling was Naemorhedus, which has not been formally emended, so the original spelling is the accepted one (Mammal Species of the World).

There are two subspecies recognized: Naemorhedus goral goral Hardwicke, 1825 and Naemorhedus goral bedfordi Lydekker, 1905.

This species is listed as Near Threatened in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (

Indian and global distribution:
records (based on images):
Sexual, seasonal & individual variation:
Status, Habitat and Habits:
Himalayan Goral inhabits forests of Himalayas of India, Nepal and Bhutan. It is a crepuscular species mostly active at dusk and dawn. It is a grazer as well as browser that feeds on grasses and leaves of plants in forests.

Conservation Status:

This species is listed as Near Threatened in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species ( 

According to IUCN Red List assessment, population of this species is decreasing significantly all over range. Density of its population is estimated to be between 1 individual to 11 individuals per sq. km. Major threats to its survival come mainly from habitat fragmentation owing to human activities like agriculture, plantation, mining, overgrazing by livestock, and residential,road and other commercial development. Occasional hunting and trapping has also caused some damage its population directly.


Mammalia > Artiodactyla > Bovidae > Naemorhedus

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